Take control of your Off-Duty Details

Easily manage your extra duty and overtime details from any place,
on any device, at any time

“Detail Kommander offers the best software and support in the industry, and it’s not even close.”

Commander Blackledge
Sebastian Police Department

The best way to manage off-duty

Detail Kommander automates over 80% of the task work, provides fair job assignments, and creates the level of accountability your citizens deserve.

“Switching to Detail Kommander was one of the best decisions our agency has ever made.”

Lt. Stauffer
Detail Kommander being used on a laptop

We reinvented detail management

Founded by a retired Chief, we understand that law enforcement agencies are tired of outdated, legacy software products. Detail Kommander delivered much-needed innovation to detail management, offering the most efficient, powerful, best-in-class software in the industry.

“Detail Kommander has done for off-duty detail management what Apple did for the smartphone. It’s a complete game-changer.”

Capt. Duff
Kommander Pay interface on a bike rider's phone

Premier all-in-one solution

Detail Kommander’s unmatched features do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

You're in control

With Detail Kommander, your agency maintains complete control over its off-duty detail program.


The first and only complete payment platform designed exclusively for off-duty details.

Fair job distribution

Using your agency’s policies, our fairness engine ensures every officer gets a fair shot at working jobs.

Notifications and job reminders

We keep everyone informed, automatically. Say goodbye to manual emails, texts, and calls.

Real-time officer status updates

You and your business community will know when officers are enroute, on site, and finished with their off-duty details.

Access from any device

Optimized for all devices, Detail Kommander can be accessed from wherever users need.

Paperless activity log

Officers can document relevant activity that occurs during their detail shifts.

Powerful reporting

Agencies, officers, and employers can easily access reports on finances, assignments, and more.

People working on laptops

Budget Friendly

Best-in-class software for no cost

Detail Kommander is available to law enforcement agencies for no cost. There is no catch and no “gotcha” clause.

$0 Cost for most agencies

$0 Fees for maintenance and support

$0 Fees for hardware or storage

Unlimited Users, upgrades, off-duty events

Ready to take control of your off-duty details? We would be honored to help.