Detail Kommander eliminates the excess time you spend managing off-duty details so you can get back to your primary mission of protecting and serving your community.


For the Agency

  • Custom Fairness Engine™ uses your agency policies to ensure officers get a fair shake in the selection & scheduling process for off-duty jobs
  • Multiple rate structures available at the click of a mouse
  • Budget-friendly solution, and a no cost option available for the software (ask us how!)
  • No equipment to purchase & no maintenance contract
  • No limit on the number of users & no subscription fees
  • Free unlimited support
  • Access from anywhere at any time (smart phones, tablets, laptops & desktops)
  • Complete accountability of the jobs, officers & money
  • Saves tremendous time & money while maintaining complete control of the process

For your Officers

  • Fast, easy & secure electronic payment
  • Easily customizable notifications
  • Sign up for jobs from any device at any time
  • Completely fair job assignments
  • Automatic job reminders reduce late arrivals or missed assignments
  • One button switch from calendar to list view
  • Single click to see map view of the off-duty job location
  • Easy financial reports to see total off-duty income by date range and/or employer

For the Businesses in your community

  • Fast, easy & secure electronic payment to the officers and/or agency
  • Efficient electronic method of submitting requests to hire off-duty officers
  • Receive & approve electronic estimates for the total cost of services
  • Officer Rating System™ allows them to rate officers after off-duty jobs are completed
  • Quickly see the status of officers scheduled to work their event (enroute, onsite)
  • Easy financial reports to ensure compliance with tax requirements
  • Saves the business significant time hiring your off-duty officers
Efficiently managing Off-Duty Details is important, but your privacy and the security of your data is even more important.


  • Your data is kept safe using banking level encryption technology.
  • Our geographically diverse data centers are protected by best-in-class digital and physical security measures.
  • Our system spans numerous physical locations to establish resilience for all components.
  • Our technology ensures high availability of your information: 99.9% uptime (with security in mind).

Take Control of your Off-Duty Details

Take Control of your
Off-Duty Details